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10 things to love when travelling in Vietnam

If you are looking for a trip of your lifetime, Vietnam is definitely deserved a consideration. Thousands of people have travelled in this beautiful country and loved every moments of their Vietnam private tour. There are many reasons to love when travelling in Vietnam as the country means something different to every travelers. In our article today, we would like to tell you about the best things that will give you a taste of what Vietnam is all about:

Vietnam Private Tours in Sapa

1. Halong Bay

Talking about the natural beauty and spectacular scenery, Vietnam has something to offer to everyone. From the imposing mountains in the North to the pristine beaches in the South, Vietnam is full of breathtaking landscape. Among the beautiful places, Halong Bay is most visited destination in Vietnam. Some people even say without visiting Halong Bay, you haven’t visited Vietnam at all. Nowhere in the world can you find the large scale of limestone islets and rocks jutting out of the emerald waters like Halong Bay. There are almost 2,000 limestone islets topped with lush jungles which make the bay look spectacular in every corner. Staying overnight on a cruise is the best way to experience Halong Bay. You can explore the hidden lagoons and untouched beaches by kayaking which make a great getaway from bustle cities.

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Vietnam customized tour in Halong Bay

2. The world largest cave – Son Doong

Yes, the largest natural cave people in the world have known so far is located in Quang Binh Province, central Vietnam. Son Doong Cave was only first explored in 2009 and it wasn’t opened to tourism until 2012. The cave is large enough to fit an entire block-skyscraper and there are jungles and lakes that still being discovered inside the cave. An expedition to Son Doong cave is not easy and you are required to be both mentally and physically fit. Numbers of trips to Son Doong per year are still strictly controlled, limited and quite expensive. However, it is guaranteed to be one of the most inspiring and fascinating travelling experience for a Vietnam customized tour.

Vietnam Private Tours in Son Doong Cave

3. The delicious street food

It is often said that the best place to eat delicious food in Vietnam is on the sidewalks of the street where you can see the food stalls with little, plastic stools. Joining a local street food tour zig-zagging the narrow alleyways to visit local wet markets and eating the street dishes is by far the most interesting way to truly experience the daily life of Vietnamese. It just doesn’t matter where you are, the North, the Centre or the South of Vietnam, the street is the place that you will find the best food.

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Vietnam street food tours

4. The coffee

It is always a surprise to many travelers when they discover that Vietnam is the second largest coffee producer in the world. Vietnamese coffee is strong and often served with sweetened condensed milk, pretty much without exception. It is exactly what we need for the hot and humid weather in Vietnam. Add some ice to the coffee mix and you are definitely ready for the long sightseeing days in Vietnam.

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Best coffe in Vietnam Family Tours

5. The gorgeous beaches

Vietnam has a long coastal line from North to South and boasts beaches that can be on any lists of the best beaches in the world. Some beach destinations like Danang, Nha Trang or Mui Ne have been known and got a lot of attention in the last few years while less-travelled beaches like Doc Let or Quy Nhon are still the real hidden gems. Travelers who prefer to stay on resort islands can visit Phu Quoc or Con Dao which are among the most gorgeous islands in South East Asia.

Vietnam best beach tours in Da Nang

6. The local markets

Wandering around crowded local markets is certainly a great way to witness and experience the local lifestyle, culture and culinary. The noises, the smells and even the weird and interesting sights can complete your experience and you may get lost spending hours to explore these local markets. They are mostly bustling and active in the early morning and late evening. During a Vietnam customized holidays, there is no better place to have the first-hand experience than visiting the local wet markets.

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Local market in Vietnam Private Tours

7. The motorbikes

There are millions of motorbikes in Vietnam and the traffic in major cities is chaotic and extremely busy. One of the first and most important thing tourists need to learn when travelling in Vietnam is how to cross the street. The trick to crossing the street in Vietnam is to keep going, at the normal pace. Remember to make your movement predictable to the motorbike drivers and they will get around you easily. Taking a tour on the back seat of a motorbike is also a good suggestion for having the amazing experience of a Vietnam private tour. You will have a special opportunity to explore the city from the street views, explore the goods, the bads and even the weirds of what it has to offer.

Vietnam Customized Holidays with Motorbike

8. The Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta is often compared as the “rice basket” of Vietnam for the rich and lush area can produce even enough rice to feed the entire country. Travelling to Mekong Delta will give travelers a real taste of the rural life in Vietnam. Boating through the labyrinth of waterways, biking to villages on narrow roads and visiting local craftsmen are just few things you can experience in Mekong Delta. Don’t forget to wake up early and visit the floating market to feel a special aspect of living on the waters.

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Boating Tours in Mekong Delta Vietnam

9. Hoi An

Hoi An is an ancient town in central Vietnam that was recognized as World Heritage by UNESCO. It is one of the most charming and delightful places in Vietnam that should not be missed for any tours to Vietnam. The unique and well-preserved architecture, the yummy food, the skillful tailors, the lush surrounding countryside and the lovely beaches make a vacation in Hoi An worth every single moment.

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Vietnam Holidays in Hoian street

10. The people

Getting to know the friendly Vietnamese people when you are travelling is no doubt the best experience you would expect to have during your holidays in Vietnam. The people here are kind, thoughtful, optimistic and generous. They are truly the heart of the country. Try to interact with local people whenever you have the chance during your visit, you won’t be surprised at all.

Vietnam Customized Tours with local people

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