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How to spend 2 weeks in Vietnam and Thailand

After the whole year being burdened with work, do you want to unwind for a bit? A Vietnam and Thailand combined tour definitely is what you need. With a reasonable price, you are not only free to discover these striking places in both Vietnam and Thailand but also have a chance to refresh yourself before coming back to your busy schedule. Plus, travelling between 2 neighboring countries is such convenient because you can save a considerable amount of time to travel and explore more and more about the diverse culture and natural beauty of two nations. If you still hesitate, here are our recommended itinerary for you to plan the 14- day Vietnam and Thailand Private Tour.


Bangkok, Thailand

Top gripping outdoor activities in Myanmar

It is no doubt that Myanmar is home to many enchanting sites, from glorious Inle Lake to the new rock formation which attracts a large number of tourists every year. Moreover, do you know that the “Golden Land” is famous for adventure activities? From these remote villages to the popular archipelago, you can find it easy to soak in the striking beauty of Myanmar. Let’s check it out!


Myanmar private tour

Things you should bring on your Vietnam tailor-made tour

Situated in the Southeast Asia, Vietnam is home to a host of stunning landscapes, tropical islands succulent cuisines and exceptional culture. Every single year, this S-shaped country attracts a wide range of global tourists to discover. However, do you know what essential things you should bring along? Don’t worry because we will offer you the list of must-have items which should be on your suitcases. Let’s have a look!


Hanoi Street Tour

Top must- try activities in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is one of the ideal destinations for global tourists, especially people who want to have a new experience in their Thailand customized tours. This city is home to many sightseeing, historical monuments and fascinating activities, so you can discover such wonderful things. Below are the recommended places and activities you should see and do when visiting this old city.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Autumn – The most seductive season in Hanoi

The fall in Hanoi has gone into thousands of songs and poetics, becoming one of the distinctive features of this capital city. It is a time when people soak in the scent of milk flowers lingering in the air, the chilliness of monsoon ruffling your hair and the sweet taste of green rice creeping in every corner. All these things are combined harmoniously to create wonderful autumn in Hanoi. In this article, why don’t we join a special journey and take a look at these early fall days in the capital of S-shaped country?


Hanoi Old Quarter, Vietnam


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