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Top 8 must - visit places in Northern Vietnam (Part 2)

Despite the moderated shape in the global map, Vietnam still impressed tourists by many fascinating places. Thanks to the creation and skillful hands of residents, Vietnam gradually becomes one of the most engaging travel destinations in the world. If you decide to register a Vietnam customized tour or a Vietnam family holiday, you may want to glance at this list. In Part 1, we introduced 4 glamorous locations in Northern Vietnam, so here are another 4 sites you should come by to soak in the striking beauty of Northern Vietnam. 

Hanoi Old Quarter

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 Top 8 must - visit places in Northern Vietnam (Part 1)

Top 8 must - visit places in Northern Vietnam (Part 1)

It is a huge challenge to answer the question Which is the most gorgeous scenery in Vietnam? This S-shaped country is famous for its unique beauty like a thousand miles of coastline alongside the East, plenty of high mountain peaks which attracts many risk- takers or these paddy- fields covered by yellow shade in harvest seasons. Therefore, you never feel bored when having Vietnam customized holidays as well as exploring the local culture and people of this country. If you still hesitate, let’s have a look at the list of Top 8 places you should pay a visit in Northern Vietnam right here!! 

Sa Pa Vietnam

Top 5 reasons why Hoi An become your next ideal destination

Hoi An
is known as one of the UNESCO World Heritage with many breathtaking views and scrumptious cuisines. This place also attracts tourists by traditional customs and festivals which make them want to stay longer. So, why a town which has modest size and population can be a fascinating destination? Check it out! 

Hoi An

Top 4 guidelines you may not know about Hanoi Old Quarter

Considering as an immortal symbol of Hanoi, the Old Quarter (or Hanoi’s 36 streets) is the unique place where you can explore the potential beauty of Vietnam’s capital city. The most particular feature of such an area is the name of the streets. There are 36 old streets with their names starting with the word “Hang”, such as Hang Bo, Hang Bac, Hang Gai, Hang Buom, etc. Each street has a charming story which covered by the labyrinth of ancient houses and winding lanes. While many foreigners have come by and found eminently satisfactory, why don’t you opt for this area for Vietnam customized holiday this weekend? But first, let me show you some fascinating instructions you may not know about Hanoi Old Quarter.

hanoi old quarter

Best reasons to travel Vietnam in summer months

Is summer a good time for travelling in Vietnam? Should I avoid summer time for having a holidays in Vietnam? These questions can be seen in many travel forums and some people also say it is not the best time to travel in Vietnam during the summer time from May to September. However, it does not seem to be true as there are many travellers still visit Vietnam in summer months. In our article today, from our perspective as local experts in Vietnam, we would like to point out both advantages and disadvantages of travelling to Vietnam in summer so you make your own decision about having Vietnam private tours during the summer months or not. Let’s check it out:

Vietnam Family Tours in Dong Van Karst Plateau

Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark in Ha Giang, Northwest Vietnam


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