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Travel to Vietnam: Healing with a budget

Feeling burnt out? Yearning for a healing and relaxing escape that nourishes your soul without emptying your wallet? Look no further than traveling to Vietnam!

This stunning Southeast Asian nation offers a wealth of experiences that will leave you feeling fresh and ready to take on the world again. Here’s a healing list with a friendly budget:

xoan retreat, hoa binh

Amour Resort Ba Vi - Ba Vi

The resort is located independently on the mountain. Being inspired by the love of nature, every practice of Amour is aimed at delivering love to customers.

Being immersed in the vast greenery, Amour aims to provide the utmost relaxation to visitors, allowing them to relieve stress, sadness, anxiety, etc., and bringing their bodies back to their healthiest and happiest state.

Besides indoor activities such as therapy spas and freecycling, Amour also provides outdoor activities including visiting the Ngoc Hoa stream - bamboo forest, a white cliff tour - a French church, or organizing painting workshops.

Looking for a peaceful morning, waking up in the middle of a shady forest, listening to the sounds of nature? Amour Resort Ba Vi has to be your next destination while staying in Vietnam!

amour resort, ba vi

(Photo Credit: Internet)

Xoan Retreat - Hoa Binh

Only 90km from Hanoi, Xoan Retreat is a place where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Quiet, wild, and fresh. That’s exactly what you can expect at Xoan Retreat.

Here, you will experience resting in a community stilt house - a typical house of ethnic minority people, and enjoy their unique local food.

Particularly, Xoan Retreat uses 100% environmentally friendly materials. If you are looking for a real green getaway, this will be the perfect place.

Imagine joining a Yoga class in the fresh mountainous air with a spectacular view of Hoa Binh Lake, what could we ask for more?

xoan retreat, hoa binh

(Photo Credit: Internet)

Pu Luong Ecolodge - Thanh Hoa

Located in the middle of the mountains, surrounded by beautiful terraced fields, Pu Luong Ecolodge provides a rustic, simple, and intimate chilling space.

The resort design simulates the houses of mountainous ethnic minorities, with a view of the entire valley and vast terraced fields.

One experience that many tourists adore when coming to Pu Luong is "cloud hunting". What's more relaxing than waking up early in the morning, admiring the charming sunrise, and immersing in the magical sea of ​​clouds?

pu luong ecolodge

(Photo Credit: Internet)

Bliss Resort Hoi An - Hoi An

Mixing natural beauty and contemporary design, Bliss Hoi An Beach Resort & Wellness is the perfect place if you are hunting for a relaxing holiday.

Featuring classic Indochina architecture with contrasting earth tones and luxurious wooden furniture, this place very much resembles the ancient and lovely Hoi An.

Coming to Bliss Resort, visitors can enjoy not only the isolated space and romantic sea view but also the rustic, slow life of the local people.

Watching the sunrise on the beach, learning to cast a net from local fishermen, or going to the local seafood market - this is a great opportunity for anyone to experience and immerse themselves in the real daily life of coastal people here.

bliss resort

(Photo Credit: Internet)

The Clay Resort Hàm Tiến - Phan Thiet

True to its name, The Clay Resort is like a miniature clay village hidden behind the romantic Mui Ne beach.

The most special thing about The Clay is the swim-up pool. The Lagoon room here is connected directly to the pool via a terrace, so you just need to step out of the room step straight into the pool, and enjoy the refreshing water.

Yet, if you are craving a glass of cocktail in Golden Hour, you can simply come to the other swimming pool of The Clay - a pool with a private bar.

So, if you are looking for an absolutely relaxing vacation, The Clay is your number one choice.

the clay ham tien, mui ne

(Photo Credit: Internet)

La Maison de Campagne B & B - Cu Chi, Ho Chi Minh City

“La Maison de Campagne” is a French phrase that means "country house" in Vietnamese. True to its name, the resort design follows the soul of the Vietnamese countryside.

As soon as you set foot at La Maison De Campagne, you will immediately return to a peaceful countryside with an alleyway full of bougainvillea flowers, a lush green garden, and a small winding river with bamboo trees alongside.

Coming to La Maison De Campagne, you will be separated from the hustle and bustle of big cities. You will feel the utmost relaxation coming from small gardens, with stone-clad yards and the sound of birds chirping in the branches.

Craving for a peaceful yet romantic experience? Just have a walk along the resort, watching the sunset over the river, enjoying the clear air with the scent of rustic flowers and fresh grass around.

Peaceful and artistic, that's exactly what you can find at La Maison de Campagne B&B.

La Maison de Campagne B&B.

(Photo Credit: Internet)

Without further ado, pack your bag, and let's head towards your dream summer vacation easily with Nadova Tours right now!


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