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Vietnam Visa Guide

Applying for visa entry to Vietnam can be a complicated and time-consuming procedure when planning a Vietnam Customized Tour. Before you start your promising trip in Vietnam to visit all the wonderful attractions, you will need to organize the appropriate type of visa. The process of applying visa for foreigners travel to Vietnam sometimes is a little more complex than other countries in South East Asia. Apart from the short list some countries that theirs citizens can have the visa exemption for a limited period of time, most of the foreigners will certainly need a visa to visit Vietnam.

Our Vietnam Visa Guide will give you the latest information about the visa policy in Vietnam, and provide all details about different methods of applying visa entry to Vietnam. When you know all the possible options to obtain the Vietnam Visa, it can be very easy to get it done and you will be able to shorten the time of planning your wonderful Vietnam customized holidays

Vietnam Visa Vietnam Customized Tours

Visa Exemptions
Firstly, it is really worth to check if you are a citizen of some countries that benefit from the short-term visa exemption period. Though this visa exemption does have its limitation, it is still a useful benefit if you just plan to have a 1 or 2 week holidays in Vietnam. So you do not have to go through the process of applying visa for your stay in Vietnam.

Citizens from the ASEAN countries normally get to enjoy a visa-free stay from 14 days up to 30 days in Vietnam, while citizens from European countries like United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain and Italy get a visa-free stay up to 15 days.

For tourists that benefit the visa exemption it is just necessary to book the flight to Vietnam and can be ready to visit the country. However, it is also quite important to have the return flight booked as the return flight confirmation needed to be shown at immigration office on arrival to Vietnam.

How to get visa for traveling Vietnam?
There are total three (03) ways to organize Vietnam Visa: the most traditional way is to approach and apply Visa via Vietnamese Embassies or Consulates in your own country; Or using a third-party travel agency to arrange the Visa Approval Letter and apply Visa On Arrival at international airports in Vietnam; Or the latest option is the Vietnam E-visa that was first made available since February, 2017.

Now, let’s take a look at the details of three different options to find which one is the most suitable for you while planning your Vietnam Tour

1. Vietnam Embassy Visa
This is the most traditional way to organize visa entry before you start your holidays in Vietnam. You will need to contact to the nearest Vietnamese Embassy, then submit the Visa Documents which can be done in person, by post or by email.

The process of applying visa via Vietnamese Embassies or Consulates is usually about 5-7 working days, the fees also vary quite a lot with the different embassies, so it is a good idea to get contact with your nearest embassy before travelling to have an idea of the latest visa rules and restrictions.

Also, it should be noted that Vietnam Embassies or Consulates abroad will be closed for public holidays in the local country and all Vietnam national holidays.

How to apply for the embassy visa

- Visit the official website of Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in your country and download the Visa Application Form. Fill in the form with 100% accuracy and attach any required documents such as Passport sized photos. Send all the paperwork (or visit in person if possible) to the embassy and include the appropriate visa fee (vary from embassy to embassy)

- If you want, you can contact to the embassy to track the process of visa issue.

- Received the visa after it is fully processed (in person or by post). The processing time is usually between 5-7 working days, please check with your nearest embassy for correct information).

Convenience of Embassy Visa:

- For travelers who live relatively close to Vietnam Embassy or Consulate.

- For travelers who are not planning to enter the country by air.

- For travelers who prefer to have the visa entry beforehand.

- For travelers who travel to Vietnam on a leisure or business trip and want a kind of long-term visa.

Inconvenience of Embassy Visa:

- For travelers who is unable to reach Vietnamese Embassy or prefer not to send the original passport by post.

- For travelers who need the express service of visa issue, may be in just a couple of days.

2. Vietnam Visa on Arrival
The second way to obtain Vietnam visa is Visa on Arrival which in fact is quite easy and convenient, plus the lower cost. This is the preferred option currently by most travelers because of its fast processing and cheaper price. Visa on Arrival is simple to arrange online, travelers do not need to visit the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate, or to send the original document such as Passport and Visa Application Form by post.

How to apply for Visa on Arrival

- Find a reliable travel agency or tour operator based in Vietnam who has agreements with Vietnam Government for issuing Visa Approval Letter.

- Complete the online application form with all relevant information.

- Pay the service fee for issuing visa approval letter.

- Wait for the short processing of about 2-3 days to receive the Visa Approval Letter via email. Print the letter and prepare 02 passport photos (4x6 cm), passport and travel to Vietnam.

- Upon arrival at Vietnam international airports (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Danang, Nha Trang), fill in the Visa Application form at Immigration Control, then present the completed form, visa approval letter, passport, 02 passport sized photos for visa stamping. A further visa stamping fee will be charged at this stage, which is US$ 25/single-entry visa and US$ 50/multiple-entry visa (best option to pay this fee in cash).

Convenience of Visa on Arrival:

- For travelers who intended to travel to Vietnam by air.

- For travelers who is unable to visit Vietnam Embassy or Consulate abroad.

- For travelers who book trip at last minutes and need the visa issue urgently in matter of hours.

- For travelers who planning to travel to Vietnam either leisure or business trip.

Inconvenience of Visa on Arrival:

- For travelers who plan to enter Vietnam via land-borders or seaports.

- For travelers who prefer to have visa issued beforehand.

3. Vietnam E-visa
The last way to obtain Vietnam Visa is the e-Visa which was launched officially by Vietnam Government since February, 2017. It is another option for processing Vietnam visa online, but it does have limitations regarding to visa validity and beneficiaries.

How to apply for the E-Visa

- Complete the online application form with all relevant information, 100% accuracy to avoid issues on arrival in Vietnam. Also, it is necessary to upload a passport sized photo and a scanned copy of your passport page.

- Pay the $25 fee using one of the approved payment methods. Please note that the fee is non-refundable even when the application is rejected.

- Receive a personal code to track the visa processing and get a notification when the application is approved. This stage normally takes 3-5 working days.

- Once the application is approved, print the E-visa for enter/exit Vietnam.

Convenience of E-Visa:

- For travelers from the 40 eligible countries to apply Vietnam E-visa

- For travelers who planning to stay less than 30 days, and a single-entry trip.

Inconvenience of E-Visa:

- For travelers who aren’t from the list of eligible countries.

- For travelers who plan to stay more than 30 days in Vietnam.

- For travelers who plan to visit Vietnam on a business purposes.

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