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How to fill in the Vietnamese Visa Application Form

A Visa is a conditional authorization granted by a country, typically to a foreigner, allowing to enter, remain within temporarily or to leave that country. Visas typically include limits on the duration of the foreigner's stay, territory within the country they may enter, the dates they may enter. Therefore, it is essential for the foreigners to fill in the Visa Application Form in order to be able to get the visa.

In general, a valid passport and a visa are required for all foreigners travel to Vietnam. Vietnam Visas are issued by the Vietnamese Diplomatic Mission abroad such as Vietnamese Embassies or Consulates, or the Department of Immigration or issued at the international border checkpoint immigration office.

In this blog, we would like to give out a step-by-step instruction for filling in the Vietnamese Visa Application Form, especially for traveler who haven’t done it before.

Vietnam Visa Application Form Vietnam Customized Tours

General Information
Before getting to the details, there are some general information about Vietnamese Visa that you may need to know:

- If you are planning to enter and remain within Vietnam temporarily for more than 15 days, it is mandatory that you obtain a particular type of Visa.

- The processing time for Visas issued by Vietnamese Embassies or Consulates abroad is usually between 5-7 days to complete. The fee for visas vary from country to country and the Vietnamese Embassies or Consulates require applicants to contact them directly for the most updated fee.

- Tourist visas are good for 30 days or 90 days and can be extended after you arrive in Vietnam. Those who plan to leave Vietnam and come back on the same trip can apply for the multiple entry visa.

- In general, foreigner will need to submit the Visa Application Form, Passport or International Travel Document along with 02 standard passport photos and the required fee to apply for a visa. However, different embassies and consulates will have different procedure.

- Visa on Arrival (VOA) is another option for people travel to Vietnam by air (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Danang, Nha Trang). This can be done online via a private travel company like Nadova Tours who have agreements with the Vietnamese government to collect passport details and arrange for an "approval letter". This letter allows you to board a flight into Vietnam and you will receive the visa stamp (with fee) upon entry to Vietnam Airport.

How to fill in Vietnamese Visa Application Form

In the picture below, you can see the sample of the Vietnamese Visa Application Form. At the top left corner, please paste 1 recently passport sized photo 4x6 cm with white background, front view, bare head and without sunglasses. Also include another separated one.

Vietnam Visa Application Form Vietnam Customized Holidays

Then, fill in your personal information from part 1 to 11, which include:

1. Full name (in capital letters)

2. Sex

3. Date of birth

4. Place of birth

5. Nationality of birth

6. Current nationality

7. Religion

8. Occupation

9. Business address

10. Permanent residential address and Telephone / Email

11. Family members

Vietnam Visa Application Form Vietnam Customized Tour

In part 12, fill in the number of your Passport or International Travel Document and clarify the type of your Passport: Ordinary, Official or Diplomatic or the specific name of the International Travel Document. In case of applying Visa on Arrival, this passport number must be identical to the number of Passport provided in the Visa Approval Letter.

Also provide the name of organization that issued your Passport and its expiry date.

In part 13, if you have entered Vietnam recently or before, please fill in the date of your previous entry into Vietnam.

In part 14 and 16, please fill in your intended date of entry into Vietnam, the length of your stay and the intended temporary residential address in Vietnam. You can provide the name and address of hotel you plan to stay or the address of your friend (in case you stay with your friend).

Part 17 requires you to fill in the name and information of hosting organization/individual in Vietnam (if any). You only have to fill the name ONLY of the organization or individual who is responsible for hosting you. For example, if we are your trusted tour operator in Vietnam, you can fill in our company name: Nadova Tours.

Vietnam Visa Application Form Vietnam Customized Holiday

In part 18, if you accompany any children (under 14) in your passport, please paste 01 passport size photo 4x6 cm of him/her and another separate one and fill in the full name, sex, date of birth.

In part 19, tick whether Single or Multiple Visa you want to apply and fill in the valid date.

Part 20, if you have any other request, please fill in this part.

At the bottom right, fill in the name of the place where you completed the form and the date as well. Finally, sign and fill in your full name under your own signature.

We hope that with the step-by-step guidance above, travelers who have never filled in the Vietnamese Visa Application before can find it easy to complete and be ready for the wonderful Vietnam customized tour. Nadova Tours looks forward to offering and serving you as your trustworthy tour operator in Vietnam.

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