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Top things you can learn only when having a Vietnam private tour

It’s tough to list all things you can acquire when you are in Vietnam. Since there’s so many wonderful things waiting for you, the best way to do is seeing everything at your firsthand. This article can provide you a handful of exciting stuff which is exclusive in the Vietnam customized tour.

Vietnam Travel Tips


1. Vietnam coffee is highly addictive

If you’re a big fan of caffeine beverage, Vietnamese robusta beans definitely would be your go-to drink when you have a trip to Vietnam. This mesmerizing coffee will fill you with the rich and succulent taste that you cannot find in anywhere else. In the crack of morning, you can stop by a stall or a cafeteria. It’s all up to you. Nothing beats a cup of Vietnamese coffee but be careful because you may end up with twice the amount of coffee as you though.


Coffee in Hanoi, Vietnam


How to spot the upcomming rain

Vietnam has the erratic weather, so there are some signs that locals can use to forecast, particularly in summer when rains come in fast. Sometimes, you may wander around in unbroken sunshine and then five minutes late, you may soak to the bone with torrential rain. However, just keep an eye on your surroundings and then there are some observable sign like a gale-force wind roars, whipping leaves or the moisture changes. At that time, you need to hurry come back to the shelters or buy some raincoats from the vendors alongside the streets.


Hanoi, Vietnam


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Knowing English can help you a lot

In case you are from non-English- speaking countries, don’t forget to get the hang of some English. In Vietnam, most of residents are working in hospitality industry, so they can speak English at least on conversation level. Just knowing a bit of English words and you can have a Vietnam family tour with exhilarating experiences. However, in some restaurants located in remote areas, you might have to use gestures or body languages to express your opinions.


Communicate with Vietnamese people


The Sun can be your enemy

In your home country, you may be a big fan of the feelings when you can soak in the sunshine. But in Vietnam, especially in scorching hot summers, the sun can burn you in minutes. As a tropical country, the average temperature in Vietnam can be up to 40ᶛC in mid-summers. That’s why you hardly see Vietnamese people expose their skin when they go outside or sunbathing below the heat. Besides, you may cope with many allergies related to skin.


Vietnam Private Tour


Sometimes you need to scream to order your food

If you come from Western countries, shouting for your server is deemed to be rude and a quick way to receive glances from others customers. However, in Vietnam, it’s expected. In many local restaurants, servers may not come to your table unless you holler for them, or sometimes you need to scream in case this place is packed with people. You may feel impolite initially, but if you want to order a bowl of Pho or another plate of spring rolls, just take in a deep breath and shout “Em ơi!”, so the waiters can pay attention and come to serve you.


Hoi An Cooking Class


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“Nước mắm” extracted from dead fishes

Fish sauce (nước mắm) is sold in a little bottle in local groceries. In Vietnam, it is common that fish sauce can be incorporated into almost all of dishes from noodles to fried rice in your Vietnam travel package. Plus, you can use this special type of sauce with spring rolls by dipping these into the fish sauce with some slices of chilies. The savory taste can blow you away and come back for more. Fish sauce is one of the food that you’re better off not knowing its roots or how it’s made, but since you are wondering: it’s made by filling barrels with dead fish and letting the foul mixture ferment for months. But, you cannot forget this scrumptious taste when you taste it.


Fish sauce in Vietnam


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Horns are normal

When having a Vietnam private tour, you may meet the influx of people honking crazily during peak hours. Sometimes people blast this noise in fits of rage, but more often they use horns to let others know they’re nearby given the fact that Vietnam is home to a wide range of winding lanes with blinded spots. This is also the way to avoid the accidents. It’s odd for tourists, because in most of countries, you only hear horns when somebody is in a rush. However, if you spend your time in Vietnam, you can realize the simple fact that honking is an effective way to keep you alive among an ocean of vehicles.


Vietnam Road


Vietnam War is called the American War in Vietnam

In Vietnam, when referring the war between Vietnam and America, locals usually call it “American War”. It is understandable but it still takes some minutes to digest the first time you hear somebody say that. Nevertheless, in Vietnam, people don’t mention a lot about this war because of the amicable relationship between the two. Besides, many Vietnamese people are enthusiastic to American culture. Even the older generation has moved on, preferring to raise a toast to peace rather than being stuck in the shadow of the war.


Tourists having Vietnam customized tour


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