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Top reasons to visit Vietnam with children

Vietnam is truly a fantastic destination for family vacation. Whether you are looking for an active Vietnam family holiday, a culturally interesting family vacation or just simply a beach relaxation for family, Vietnam has so many different things to see and do for all family members. It is quite easy to fill up a 2 or 3-week travel itinerary for a family with small kids in Vietnam. A Vietnam customized tour for the family with kids can be a meaningful learning experience for the whole family which will travel with you forever. Here are few good reasons that a holiday in Vietnam with kids can be a great idea

Reasons to visit Vietnam with kids Vietnam Family Tours

Active based family travel
A trip with many active or physical activities can be a fun experience for the children and keep the whole family busy. Kayaking and exploring caves in Halong Bay, riding water buffalo and rowing the traditional basket boats in Hoi An, biking through the rural villages in Ninh Binh or the countryside of Mekong Delta or riding around Saigon on the back of a Vespa scooter are examples of fun and active experience that your kids will enjoy during the Vietnam family tours.

Reasons to visit Vietnam with kids Vietnam Family Holidays

Stunning natural landscapes
Waking up and joining the Tai Chi demonstration with the sun rising over the limestone karsts in Halong Bay, hiking among the green rice terraced fields in Muong Hoa valley, Sapa, rowing sampan through colorful lotus among rice fields in Tam Coc, Ninh Binh or lying on white sand beaches at Phu Quoc Island and Hoi An. Wherever your family travel on your Vietnam customized holidays, you and your kids will be awarded amazing scenery. Every region in Vietnam has spectacular natural landscapes that can create everlasting images not only with adults but also in mind of little kids.

Educational experience
When travelling with kids, most of the parents want to create a trip with the mixing of activities that can engage all members of a family and the educational experience that the local destination has to offer. On the Vietnam family tour, it is so easy to have that kind of experience for the kids. For example, an overnight stay in a homestay in the Northern rural area can help the family having the authentic culture of Vietnamese people. Alternatively, when the family joining tours to craft villages or learning to be real wet-rice farmers in Hoi An, the kids can get immersed in the Vietnamese way of life. Being on a tour of floating market or fishing villages, taking part in cooking classes, cycling and visiting local houses are the different ways of having best hands-on educational experience for your kids during the Vietnam classic tour.

Reasons to visit Vietnam with kids Vietnam Customized Tours

Broaden the kids’ minds and exposure
It is true that the happy moment for parents when doing a family vacation is seeing their kids’ minds opening in front of them. The first-hand experience with so many different things on Vietnam customized tours allows them to learn a lot and expands their knowledge exponentially. When seeing the Cu Chi Tunnels or War museums, they can learn about the resilience and value the independence and freedom; witness locals eating exotic food can help the kids learn that when people are starving and not having enough food, they will eat anything; staying in homestay and meeting local people Northern rural area will help kids learn that sometimes the beauty of life is just simplicity, and see how few things that they really need in a house. They will appreciate the opportunities of their access to medical care, education or the modern equipment at home. Being empathetic and less judgmental can be a great lesson that kids will learn when travelling in Vietnam for the family vacation.

Wonderful cuisine
Vietnam is a paradise for the foodie, it is undeniable! Vietnamese food is among the finest food in South East Asia, and family or children-friendly too. From the nicest hotels to a fine restaurant, or just the simple street dishes, yummy food can be found literally everywhere. Though some children are not willing to eat the strange local food, it is easy to get them more involved by signing up for cooking classes or joining the street food tour. When the kids walk to the local wet market to buy fresh ingredients, watch the cooking demonstration and challenge themselves in making the same dishes, or walking around the town, learn about the stories behind each dishes they try, it can help to be more adventurous and eat the exotic things during the holidays in Vietnam.

Reasons to visit Vietnam with kids Vietnam Customized Holidays

Hospitable and engaging people
Vietnamese people are so open, bright welcoming and incredibly engaging, particularly in the countryside. When you travel with little kids on the Vietnam family tours, the Vietnamese are tend to treat the kids like VIPs. They smile, talk, embrace the small kids and take pleasure in sharing their experiences, teach the kids about Vietnam. Getting first-hand knowledge about the destination from its native people, meeting and learning their tradition and lifestyle can be the meaningful and valuable experience for the whole family.

Festive destination
Vietnam is a country with so many festivals all year round. Visiting the lively and colourful festivals in Vietnam gives a great chance to learn more about the local life and people. The lantern festival in Hoi An happens on the full moon of each lunar month, the annual firework festival in Danang or the biggest festival of the year, Tet or Lunar New Year can be the wonderful experience for the whole family to take part in. There is much delicious traditional food to try, folk games for children to play, and the local people will be in the happy mood for the festival. So it can be more interaction with the local people and culture than it would be expected on a regular day.

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