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Explore the four-season beauty of Ha Giang

Ha Giang is located in a tropical monsoon climate zone divided into four distinct seasons: Spring - Summer - Autumn - Winter. Ha Giang has many magnificent landscapes, pristine mountains and forests, winding roads and beautiful terraced fields. People say that Ha Giang is beautiful in all four seasons and at any time during Vietnam Customized Tours, you will be able to admire the colorful flowers. Let's explore the unique beauty of each season in Ha Giang.

Explore the four-season beauty of Ha Giang

1. Spring

In spring, Ha Giang's weather is extremely airy and chilly. What makes visitors overwhelmed in spring are the many colors of flowers blooming throughout the villages. A Spring with all the pink of peach blossoms, red of rice flowers, white of plum blossoms promises to be a prosperous new year.

Spring flowers in Ha Giang
(Spring flowers in Ha Giang)

Coming to Ha Giang in the spring, you will witness many typical activities of the people such as Tet market, Love market and festivals imbued with the cultural identity of ethnic minorities such as Gau Tao Festival of the Mong people, Long Tong festival of the Tay people, Spring festival of the Lo Lo people,...

Spring Festival in Ha Giang
(Spring Festival in Ha Giang)

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2. Summer

Unlike other places, Ha Giang's weather in the summer is quite cool - the average temperature is about 20 degrees Celsius. The flower colors of this season are purple Banyan flowers, white Trau flowers and off-season buckwheat flowers. The highlight of Ha Giang summer is the pouring water season in the terraced fields (from May to July). At this time, people start farming to prepare for the new crop. Therefore, visitors will admire the flooded terraced fields and the hardworking people in the fields in Vietnam Private Tours.

Summer in Ha Giang
(Summer in Ha Giang)

In the summer of April, the famous Khau Vai (Meo Vac) love market takes place on the 27th day of the third lunar month every year. For young people, Khau Vai love market has become a place to date and find a lover. In addition to love songs and leaf flute sounds, the love market also has many interesting folk games for everyone to participate in and special dishes such as thang co, men men, goat hot pot,...

3. Autumn

When the weather turns to autumn, it is also the time when the terraced fields in Ha Giang begin to ripen. At this time, the whole area is filled with the bright yellow color of ripe rice fields. The fragrant smell of rice makes the traveler's steps slow down. Beautiful terraced fields sought after by tourists to take photos are Xin Man, Hoang Su Phi,...

Autumn in Ha Giang
(Autumn in Ha Giang)

Late August and early September is the best time to hunt for floating clouds on top of Ma Pi Leng, Ha Giang. To hunt clouds, you need to leave home at 5am, moving in the direction of Ma Pi Leng. Starting from the Happiness Road, you will see clouds covering the mountains. From here, you can also watch the Nho Que river - one of the legendary rivers and become a symbol of the majestic Ha Giang plateau.

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4. Winter

An indispensable specialty when coming to Ha Giang is the buckwheat flower season in full bloom in October and November. Buckwheat flowers do not grow singly but grow along the entire field and spread over the rocky slopes. Places tourists should visit in Vietnam Customized Tours to admire this flower are Pho Cao (Dong Van), Lung Cam Cultural Village,... There is also the Buckwheat Flower Festival which takes place every October for indigenous people and tourists. At the end of the season, the flowers turn dark red, people harvest the seeds to make cakes and wine that are very popular in Ha Giang. Visitors to Ha Giang should not forget to taste buckwheat cake - a specialty of the Dong Van karst plateau.

Ha Giang buckwheat flowers in winter
(Ha Giang buckwheat flowers in winter)

December is the season of yellow mustard flowers. Travelers can once again enjoy the natural scenery changing from the purple color of buckwheat flowers to the warm yellow color. Ha Giang yellow mustard flowers grow in abundance at Heaven Gate - Quan Ba, behind Dong Van ancient market and Sung La flower valley. The gentle, passionate yellow color of flowers is embraced by majestic rocky mountains.

Winter in Ha Giang
(Winter in Ha Giang)

Many people choose to go to Ha Giang in the winter in the cold and icy air to challenge themselves to explore the endless sea of clouds or the rare icy scenery at the top of Chieu Lau Thi or Tay Con Linh.

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Finally, the answer to the question what is the best season to travel to Ha Giang? Depending on your interests, needs and time, the answer will be up to the reader to choose because each season has its own irresistible beauty. If possible, you should go to Ha Giang on Vietnam Private Tours every season to experience more about the people, life and nature here. Hopefully our above sharing will help you decide when is the best time to travel to Ha Giang.


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