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Top 8 must-try traditional foods in Ha Giang

Ha Giang is not only famous for its captivating natural beauty, but it is also known for its rich culinary culture in Vietnam Private Tours. Let's take a look at the top 8 Ha Giang specialties that make anyone coming here want to try once!

Thang den in Hagiang

Buckwheat Cake

From about mid-October every year, when the rocky plateau of Ha Giang begins to be filled with the vibrant purple and pink colors of the triangular buckwheat fields. The people here have processed this flower into a specialty dish with nutritional value - buckwheat cake.

Buckwheat Cake in Ha Giang
(Buckwheat Cake in Ha Giang)

After grinding, knead it with flour, then put it in a mold and steam it on fire. Buckwheat cake has a soft, spongy, delicious taste that is extremely attractive. H'mong people who go to the market often buy buckwheat cakes to eat with Thang Co.

Thang Co

With bold flavor and culture of the Northwest highlands, Thang Co is one of the most favorite specialty dishes when coming to Ha Giang. Thang Co must be made from horse or cow organs, always hot when delivered to diners. The aroma of cardamom, doi seeds and lemongrass, chili, and pepper mixed with the greasy taste of meat warms up the space in the cold weather. You can eat Thang Co at the fairs of Dong Van, Meo Vac, Lung Cu…

Thang Co in Ha Giang
(Thang Co in Ha Giang)

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Thang Den

Thang Den is a kind of cake quite similar to floating cake and vegetarian cake. This type of cake is made of glutinous rice flour, molded into round balls, can be filled or not, then boiled, when eaten, sugar water will be added with ginger. They create a mixed taste of sweet, fatty and spicy.

Thang Den in Ha Giang
(Thang Den in Ha Giang)

In the chilly weather in Ha Giang, visitors can enjoy a hot bowl of Thang Den. Thang Den has never become a Ha Giang specialty snack, considered a dish for friends to gather on cold winter days in Dong Van town in Vietnam Customized Tours.

Pho Trang Kim

Trang Kim is a place located on the road from Quan Ba to Dong Van. This peaceful village is famous for Pho with a long history - Pho Trang Kim.

Pho Trang Kim in Ha Giang
(Pho Trang Kim in Ha Giang)

The rice noodles are made by hand at every stage. Rice flour is milled by women's hands. The noodles will be spread out, then cut into fibers for visitors to enjoy. The pot of broth looks greasy and fragrant with the smell of ginger, cinnamon, anise, and cardamom.

Au Tau Porridge

This is one of the special types of porridge made from Au Tau tubers - one of the tubers with quite toxic ingredients that can be dangerous to health. However, when it is processed into porridge, it has the opposite effect, especially having a depressive effect and is very good for men.

Au Tau Porridge in Ha Giang
(Au Tau Porridge in Ha Giang)

The spices are characteristic, so their flavor is fragrant, spicy and also bitter. This special porridge of the highland people is often sold in the evening because the people here believe that the porridge will work best through a night's sleep.

Thit Trau Gac Bep (Smoked Buffalo Meat)

Smoked Buffalo Meat is a specialty not only of Ha Giang, but it is considered a delicious specialty of Northwest Vietnam. This dish is derived from the Black Thai people. Usually, they will take the buffalo's muscle meat and bring it fully seasoned, then hang it up in the kitchen to dry naturally.

Thit Trau Gac Bep in Ha Giang
(Thit Trau Gac Bep in Ha Giang)

Smoked Buffalo Meat is delicious without preservatives, a favorite dish of tourists every time they have the opportunity to come to Ha Giang. This dish is often brought back by tourists as gifts for relatives during Vietnam Private Holidays.

Five-color sticky rice

Five-color sticky rice will usually have 5 colors or more depending on the skill of the processor. The cook will dye glutinous rice from natural ingredients such as leaves, turmeric, butterfly pea flower, ... Sticky rice has a moderate ripeness and is fragrant, making any visitor to Ha Giang excited.

Five-color sticky rice in Ha Giang
(Five-color sticky rice in Ha Giang)

Five-color sticky rice is one of the types of sticky rice that is not only delicious and eye-catching, but also has the meaning of praying for favorable rain and wind, conveying the desire for a happy and full life of the people here.

Corn Wine

Each province in the mountainous area seems to have its own type of wine made in a unique way. Corn wine of the Mong ethnic people is a specialty of Ha Giang.

Corn Wine in Ha Giang
(Corn Wine in Ha Giang)

The raw material for making wine is corn grown, cared for and processed by indigenous people. The weather in the highlands is cold, it's so heartwarming to enjoy a cup of corn wine. Although it is a specialty, you should not try too much because Ha Giang corn wine is considered to have a "heavy" concentration!

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Ha Giang specialties are one of the concerns of many young people when they come to explore this land in the northernmost part of the country. In your upcoming journey in Vietnam Customized Holidays, do not forget to enjoy Ha Giang specialties - unique dishes from the top land of the country.

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