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Top 7 most impressive festivals in Thailand Private Tours

Thailand is a destination that attracts many tourists because of many unique works as well as unique traditional cultural features. In particular, Thai festivals deeply reflect the unique features of Thai culture. If you are planning to travel to Thailand Private Tours, do not miss the following special festivals to understand clearly about the country and people of the Golden Temple.

Top 7 most impressive festivals in Thailand Private Tours/Top 7 most impressive festivals in Thailand

Songkran water festival

Time: April 13 to April 15 every year
Thai people call the traditional New Year holiday Songkran. On the first morning of the new year, people here will go buy flowers, buy offerings to offer to the temple, and sit and listen to sutra lectures. After that, we will go out to the street and participate in the water festival. According to Thai people's belief, the more people splash water during the festival, the luckier they will be.

Songkran water festival in Thailand
(Songkran water festival in Thailand)

Everyone, regardless of old or young, goes down the street with all objects that can hold water such as buckets, basins, faucets and especially water guns. In addition to water splashing, during the festival there are also many parades and beauty contests held.

Yi Peng Sky Lantern Festival

Time: November every year
Joining the Yi Peng lantern festival in Thailand Customized Tours, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a space filled with light. You can write auspicious prayers, light the lamp and release them into the sky. Surely this sacred atmosphere will help your soul become lighter and more peaceful.

Yi Peng Sky Lantern Festival in Thailand
(Yi Peng Sky Lantern Festival in Thailand)

You can participate in this festival at Mae Jo University, Doi Saket Hot Springs, Nawarat Bridge,... Not only that, you can also explore Thai cuisine, culture and people.

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Khao Phansa Buddhist Festival

Time: July every year (within 3 months)
Khao Phansa Buddhist Festival is the largest festival in Thailand because it attracts more than 90% of Thailand's Buddhist population and tourists to participate. During this time, monks are not allowed to leave the temple. This is the time when people donate new robes to monks.

Khao Phansa Buddhist Festival in Thailand
(Khao Phansa Buddhist Festival in Thailand)

Thai people will often go to temples to listen to Buddhist teachings. Young children are also brought by their families to temples to study religion during holidays to form the virtues of tolerance and altruism. On this occasion, many Thai teenagers also shave their hair to practice filial piety and accumulate blessings for their parents. This is a quite popular tradition among Thai people.

Loy Krathong Lantern Festival

Time: Full moon day of the 12th month according to the Thai calendar
Loy Krathong (Lantern Festival) is considered the most romantic traditional festival in the world with the shimmering, magical light of tens of thousands of scented candles and sky lanterns. According to ancient people, the Loy Krathong festival is used to express respect to the water god and ask him to erase sins in daily life.

Loy Krathong Lantern Festival in Thailand
(Loy Krathong Lantern Festival in Thailand)

Evening is the best time for the Loy Krathong festival to begin. In the middle of each Krathong is a scented candle, fresh flowers and colorful fabrics. After lighting the lamp, everyone closes their eyes and prays for their family and relatives in Thailand Private Tours.

Thai Vegetarian Festival

Time: From September 1 of the lunar calendar every year (within 10 days).
The vegetarian festival is held with the desire to limit killing and accumulate merit for the family. During the days of the festival, salty dishes are prohibited. Eateries and restaurants will adjust their menus and hang vegetarian signs on their doors. If you want to attend the vegetarian festival, go to Chinatown in Bangkok, this is where the response to participate in the vegetarian festival is clearest.

Thai Vegetarian Festival in Thailand
(Thai Vegetarian Festival in Thailand)

During the festival, devotees must strictly adhere to the rules of abstaining from eating meat, drinking alcohol and having sex. People here believe that during the 9 days of the festival, there will be 9 gods descending to help a peaceful life and a good harvest next year.

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Phi Ta Khon Ghost Festival (Loei province)

Time: The last days of June every year
Phi Ta Khon is a particularly impressive festival with a combination of Buddhist beliefs and masterpieces of crafts and fine arts. Phi Ta Khon Festival lasts about 3 days with the participation of thousands of local people.

Phi Ta Khon Ghost Festival in Thailand
(Phi Ta Khon Ghost Festival in Thailand)

While the festival is taking place, everyone on the streets does not show their real face but disguises themselves with a devil mask, and wears colorful and demonic costumes. In particular, there are a large number of ghosts parading around this street who are in a state of drunkenness due to alcohol. According to Thai beliefs, these activities are to appease the spirits protecting their village and to ensure enough rain for the upcoming harvest.

Monkey Buffet Festival

Lopburi (about 150 km from Bangkok) is known as an area with a large number of wild monkeys, with more than 3,000 animals. Especially in November each year, Lopburi also organizes a banquet festival for monkeys. It is estimated that about 4 tons of various fruits are used in this party, including bananas, apples, grapes, custard apples... along with many different drinks such as fruit juice, Coca, milk, mineral water,...

Monkey Buffet Festival in Thailand
(Monkey Buffet Festival in Thailand)

According to Thai beliefs, monkeys are considered soldiers protecting the Hindu god Narai, no one is allowed to harm them. That's why they organized a buffet party for this animal to both show their devotion and attract tourism.

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Above are suggestions for the 7 most famous and most interesting festivals in Thailand, to help you have an interesting trip to Thailand Customized Tours. Thailand is truly a destination worth experiencing and exploring at least once in your life.


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