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Why women should travel solo to Vietnam?

Travelling alone can be a great and refreshing experience but it is not an easy choice, especially for woman. It is said to be risky and requires a lot of courtesy as well as careful preparations. But if you have been keeping in mind that intention and have yourself fully equipped with common travelling safety tips, there is nothing more to worry about. Another question that occupies your thoughts must be where to go. If you are struggling to find the answers, We - Nadova Tours recommend that Vietnam should be on your top list.

Solo female traveler in a Vietnam trip

Solo female traveler in Vietnam

There are many reasons for Vietnam being the ideal place for solo female travel. The first one is that Vietnam is definitely a safe place to travel to.

1. Vietnam is a safe place for solo female travel

One of the biggest questions concerning a solo traveler is the safety, and for woman who are willing to travel on their own, this question is of greater importance. Who is there to back her up when she encounters a problem? Who is there to guarantee her safety when stepping into another country with a lot of things being unknown, unprepared before?

That is why many woman are fascinated, yet hesitated over the decision to travel on her own – which is undoubtedly a very hard choice to make. But for Vietnam, safety issue does not seem to be of great concern. A lot of reviews from foreign tourists have proven this point. There is even a topic asking whether it is safe to travel to Vietnam in Tripadvisor and most of the answers remain positive.

However, you do need to keep in mind some safety tips

While serious crimes are rare in Vietnam, travel scams and petty crimes occur quite frequently. Most of them are involved with thefts, pickpockets and frauds leading foreigners to be overcharged. How to avoid them? Check out “Safety tips for solo female travelers in Vietnam”!

Besides travel scams, catcalling may take place but it is an uncommon occurrence. As a solo female traveler, you need to take precautions when walking alone, especially at night. It is best that you avoid going outside late at night.

Apart from these mentioned risks, there is no need to worry about your safety when travelling to Vietnam. As long as you use your common sense and have yourself equipped with necessary safety tips, you can enjoy your Vietnam private tour at the fullest.

Female traveler in Vietnam Tours

Vietnam is considered a safe place for female travels in Vietnam

2. Vietnam is an alluring destination with diversifying appeal of each destination

When travelling to Vietnam, you might be charmed by the beauty of every destination in Vietnam. Each one will leave a remarkable impression on you and attract you in different ways.

While Hanoi and Hoi An is bound to capture your heart by its well-balanced mixture of ancient and modern beauty, Ho Chi Minh city might surprise you at how dynamic and fast-moving its space of life is. And the landscape? Magnificent! One moment you are astonished at the majestic mountainous scenery of Sapa, the next one you might find yourself captivated by breathtaking beaches in Nha Trang or Phu Quoc island. They are all famous tourist attractions in Vietnam – which are worthy of your visit.

It is worth noting that beside beautiful scenery, Vietnam is also famous for its rich culture and historical context. Each destination of this country has a long and interesting story that you might be fascinated to hear.

For example, visiting Hue Imperial Citadel – which was constructed in 1803 by the founder of Nguyen Dynasty – Emperor Gia Long can gain you knowledge about the lives of royal families in Vietnam 200 years ago, when Vietnam was still under Feudalism. Though much of the former structure was damaged in war, there are still many interesting sights as well as beautiful palace and temple to see.

Hue imperal citadel, Vietnam Holidays

Hue Imperial Citadel - a famous historical site is a good choice for female travelers as there lies a lot of interesting old stories from hundred of years ago

3. Vietnam is an amazing place with a lot of things to explore on your own

Besides enjoying the beauty of each destination, there are a lot of things you can do on a Vietnam customized tour. Savoring local food is a must try since many destinations in Vietnam are famous for their cuisine.

Hue is a well-known example as its cuisine is said to please even the most fastidious customers. Sampling the cheap street eats is also a fun thing to do in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city. It is widely said that without experiencing these street food, the visits to these cities are not recognized perfect.

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Besides tasting the foods, visiting local markets in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city to understand the locals’ life is also an interesting thing to try. Trekking and meeting ethnic minorities in Sapa is another refreshing experience. Love the beaches? Kayaking in Halong Bay – a World Heritage site is absolutely a good choice.

There are many things else you can do to get a grasp of what Vietnam is about. Go and explore the rich culture, tasty foods, the lives of the locals on your own!

Vietnamese and foreign tourists

Meeting ethnic minorities is a refreshing experience for solo female travelers in Vietnam

4. Most of Vietnamese people are hospitable towards foreigners

When travelling to Vietnam on a Vietnam customized tour, one of the most popular questions a foreign tourist ask the tour guide is the attitude of Vietnamese people towards foreigners. In general, most of foreign tourists visiting Vietnam came back answering that they received sincere and warm-hearted welcoming from the locals – which then became the highlight of their holidays in Vietnam.

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If you have been wondering how you will be treated when travelling alone to Vietnam, you can be assured that getting to know the people of Vietnam is absolutely a rewarding thing you can do. Some famous female bloggers, namely: Aleah of Solitary Wanderer and Kate from 30 Traveler have proven this point by writing down their own experiences with Vietnamese people in personal blogs.

Moreover, travelling on your own means that you have a lot of time to meet and observe the locals in Vietnam. Solo travel, more than any other forms, can provide you with promising opportunities to make new friends from a totally different culture. You might be impressed by the beauty of a destination, but the attachment between you and its people is what decides whether you want to stay or not.

Therefore, if you want to dive deep and absorb the appeal of a city in Vietnam, try striking up a conversation with its people. Talking to the locals will gain you deeper understanding about this country beyond what is written in the travel guide or on the internet. Not to mention it can also gain you a new cross-culture friend as well as a chance to enrich your knowledge and widen your perspective.

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