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Travel to Vietnam through talented photographers' lens

How do you see Vietnam? Old-fashioned? Boring? A small country with nothing to explore?

Then it’s time for you to visit Vietnam. You have to experience all the traditions yourself, to understand Vietnamese rich culture, and be well aware of Vietnamese hidden beauty.

Long story short, let’s explore beautiful Vietnam with us.

Thu hoạch hoa súng, Đồng Tháp

1. Đan đó Hưng Yên

Đan đó Hưng Yên

(Photo Credit: Trung Kien, Quan Doi Nhan Dan Newspaper)

Thu Sy commune, Tien Lu district, Hung Yen City is famous for its 200-year-old traditional knitting (đó) village.

Knitting has existed for a really long time. It is closely associated with the agricultural activities of the locals.

In fact, knitting is not difficult, anyone, no matter children or the elderly, can do it after just a few lessons.

The material is bamboo or cork, which used to be available locally. However, local households now have to import bamboo from other places.

2. Cung đàn nghề dệt chiếu Định Yên

Cung đàn nghề dệt chiếu Định Yên

(Photo Credit: Hieu Minh Vu)

Dong Thap Province is well-known for being the homeland of rice fields. But did you know that it is also the origin of the mat weaving profession?

Speaking of this profession, we cannot forget Dinh Yen mat village - a village specializing in mat weaving.

Dinh Yen mat village was formed hundreds of years ago. In 2013, Dinh Yen mat village was officially recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as a National Intangible Cultural Heritage.

According to the local workers, strabismus fiber needs to be divided into small bunches and then dyed separately depending on their density. Sometimes, they must be dipped 2, 3 times, or more to achieve the best quality.

To make the mat evenly and beautifully, smooth coordination between two workers is strictly required.

3. Tung chài kéo lưới, Huế

Tung chài kéo lưới, Huế

(Photo Credit: Hoang Giang Hai)

Nhu Y River is located in the imperial city of Hue. With emerald water and rays of sunlight each dawn, the river is the inspiration for many artists.

Initially, fishing was simply an agricultural activity of Hue locals. But gradually, it has become a form of art as people realize the scene of locals casting nets on the river is an impressive beauty. This not only contributes to spreading the beauty of Hue but also helps the locals earn more money, thus improving their living standards.

4. Phơi hương, Tây Ninh

Phơi hương, Tây Ninh

(Photo Credit: Tran Vu Quang Duy)

When it comes to making incense, you all probably think of Hue with colorful incense bouquets such as red, green, yellow, and even purple, etc.

But little did you know that Tay Ninh is also the homeland of a famous incense-making village.

Unlike Hue, Tay Ninh incense looks more simple and rustic. It normally comes in yellow or brown color. Also, the incense is dried on long shelves instead of rolling into bundles.

The main ingredient for Tay Ninh’s incense is cotton leaves. The leaves are dried and then ground into powder. Then the powder will be mixed with water and a small amount of cinnamon or agarwood to create a significant incense powder mixture.

High-quality incense should have a gentle and deep scent, not too strong, and not too light.

5. Thu hoạch hoa súng, Đồng Tháp

Thu hoạch hoa súng, Đồng Tháp

(Photo Credit: Khanh Phan)

In Dong Thap Muoi, water lilies bloom every September to December.

During this time, the local people here are busy harvesting water lilies. Unlike harvesting in other places, here, bouquets of water lilies are rolled up and arranged one after another. This makes the harvesting process look like a real form of art.

After that, the locals gather the flowers into bundles and gently place them on traditional boats to transport them to the market.

The water lilies are not only used for decorative purposes but also used as ingredients in many local dishes. The most famous dish using this flower is water lily sour soup.

There are many other interesting traditions and unique activities that you can only find in Vietnam, so pack your bag and book a trip to Vietnam right away!

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