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Travel to Cambodia: A spiritual journey

A spiritual journey to escape from your hectic life.

A spiritual journey to regain your work-life balance.

A spiritual journey to reconnect with your inner self.

To be more healthy, more powerful, and ready for any upcoming challenges.

It is the exact thing you need right now? Then let us help you craft a tailor-made trip to Cambodia just for you. A journey of wellness, spirituality, and self-discovery in Cambodia.


First stop, we cannot miss out on Angkor:

Angkor Wat, also known as “The City of Temples”, which is the largest religious monument complex in the world. It is now protected by UNESCO due to its immense cultural, religious, artistic, and symbolic qualities.


(Photo Credit: Nadova Tours)

A visit to Angkor Wat will leave you nothing but amazed by its unique architecture of the great Khmer civilization from centuries past. Besides the breathtaking scenery, the rich history and unique culture of the ruins are worth discovering. The more you know about Angkor Wat, the more impressed you will be. So remember to spend some time researching the wonder, or have a tour guide side by side with you!

P/S: Watching sunrise and sunset at Angkor Wat is highly recommended, as it will make your experience ten times better!

Beyond Angkor

After fulfilling your soul with the history, architectural art, and ancient religious culture of Angkor Wat, continue your trip by going to must-see locations like Bayon Thom and Ta Prohm, or venture further to places like Banteay Srei, Beng Mealea, or Koh Ker.

Next, continue your adventure with a spiritual and historical center of Cambodia - Nokor Bachey. This is a 12th-century temple located in Kampong Cham.

Only a short drive from Phnom Penh's capital, travelers will come upon the temple gate on their right, which is the entrance to a world rich in myth and legend.

As soon as standing before the gates of Nokor Bachey Temple, you will be immediately transported back in time to the middle of the 11th century. It was when this architectural marvel was first erected by the hands of skilled craftsmen and revered monarchs.

Despite quite a few restorations over the years, Nokor Bachey still surprised visitors with its rich tapestry of myth and history as well as its large number of carved statues and towers.

Compared to Angkor Wat, Nokor Bachey is way more tranquil and ideal for a genuine escape and relaxation.

Special Treatment

If these two destinations are not enough, then we suggest you take a special treatment.

A treatment to reflect, and refocus. A treatment like no other.

Here, you can discover the teachings of Buddhism, do a little soul-searching, and regain some balance and peace with yoga, meditation, and healing therapies.

The first name we would like to introduce is Amansara.

Located between Angkor Wat and the colorful, vibrant action of Siem Reap, Amansara used to be a spot for esteemed royal guests of King Norodom Sihanouk only.

Amansara continues its noble tradition, welcoming those looking for serenity, leisure, and unique experience. Here you can learn the art of relaxation and how to experience the present moment in all its fullness, beauty, and simplicity.

FYI: Amansara has an exclusive spa providing revitalized treatments based on traditional Cambodian methods. And how can we skip a spa treatment in a healing journey?

But if Amansara is not your type, let’s sail off the coast toward Song-Saa Private Island. An eco-resort that focuses on maintaining harmony with the surrounding natural beauty.

Imagine staying in an overwater bungalow, watching sunrise and sunset every day, exploring the incredible reef whenever you like, and filling your craving with authentic Khmer cuisine prepared with locally sourced, organic produce. Is that heaven?

Not to mention, the yoga center sits right on the shoreline, and the spa and wellness sanctuaries nestle in the rainforest, which allows your best connection with nature.

Ready to make your utmost relaxation journey come true? Message Nadova Tours for detailed information and customized travel plans.


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