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Goodbye stress with Songkran water fight in Thailand

Songkran marks the celebration of Thai New Year, which is observed throughout Thailand. Songkran has become famous for its mass water fights. It is no doubt the world's wettest and wildest water fight.

SongKran Festival

What is the Songkran Festival?

Songkran, also known as Thai New Year, is Thailand’s biggest and most important annual festival. It is one of the most important Thai cultures that remains until now.

The country runs on the Buddhist calendar. So annually from April 13 to 15, the Songkran Festival is held to celebrate the Thai New Year.

Songkran is held to symbolically wash away the sins and back luck of the previous year to celebrate the Thai New Year and the beginning of the summer season. Even its name comes from an ancient Sanskrit word that means “passage of the sun.”

Songkran Festival

Why are there water fights during Songkran?

Imagining a whole country throwing water at each other might sound unusual. But the water fight isn't simply a fun and random activity on Songkran Day.

Songkran water fight is a symbolic activity to wash away all sins and bad luck from the previous year and look forward to the year ahead with good luck.

In the past, Thai people used to pour a bowl of water on their family, close friends, and neighbors. Younger people pour water on the hands of the elderly to show their respect and ask for blessings in the coming year.

Songkran Festival

Nowadays, this traditional bowl has transformed into buckets and water guns, which brings even more joy and excitement.

During Songkran, Thai people normally wake up early and visit Buddhist temples. They sprinkle clean or scented water over statues of Buddha for purification and good fortune.

Can tourists celebrate the Songkran festival?

Of course! Travelers are always welcome to join the festivals. If you visit Thailand in April, you cannot miss the country-wide water fight. All your stress and depression will surely be thrown away after the fight.

Songkran Festival

Songkran Tips for Tourists Celebrating

To make your experience in this one-and-only water fight easier, here are a few tips to keep in mind when you're celebrating the Songkran Festival in Thailand:

  • Wear light, comfy, and not overly revealing clothing that you don't mind getting wet.

  • Bring a waterproof pouch or bag to keep your valuables such as your phone and money.

  • Always keep an eye on your assets and look out for pickpockets.

  • Avoid getting the water in your mouth if you don't want to get ill

  • Be respectful: don’t splash monks, elderly people or babies.

Best Places To Celebrate Songkran In Thailand

To be honest, there is no best place at all.

Each place has its own style of celebration. So just choose one that fits you.

The Songkran parties in Bangkok are the wildest. If you are looking for something fun and crazy to clear your mind, Songkran in Bangkok is for you.

In Chiang Mai, the festival is more traditional. Normally, people just spend time visiting temples and honoring Buddha.

Pattaya carries on the party for a whole week long, so if you are a party lover, let’s go to Pattaya.

If you want to experience all of them, let us customize a Thailand tour for you!

You choose your preferred flights and decide your favorite destinations. You can enjoy your trip and make fun of the festival to the fullest without worrying about any procedures.

More information about Thailand customized tour here.


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