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Explore 8 popular festivals in Cambodia Private Tours

Festivals are an important part of Cambodian culture. Cambodia's traditional festivals are imbued with Khmer national identity, with meaningful rituals and activities. If you travel to Cambodia Private Tours during the festival, you will learn about many unique customs and religions of the local people.

Explore 8 popular festivals in Cambodia

1. Day of victory over the Genocide regime (January 7)

This is a very special holiday for Cambodians because it marks the country's escape from the genocide of the Khmer Rouge period.

Day of victory over the Genocide regime in Cambodia
(Day of victory over the Genocide regime in Cambodia)

Cambodian agencies and people throughout the country have organized many activities to celebrate "Victory 7/1" - the day that overthrew the genocidal regime of Pol Pot. Parades are often organized by the Cambodian government to commemorate the deceased victims.

2. Traditional Tet Chaul Chnam Thmey (April 13 - April 15)

Khmer Lunar New Year is also called Chaul Chnam Thmey, this is one of the largest and busiest festivals in Cambodia. If tourists come to Cambodia on these days, they can freely immerse themselves in the jubilant, bustling atmosphere and participate in exciting fun activities. The 3-day schedule usually goes as follows:
- Day 1: People clean their houses, wear beautiful clothes to go to the temple to hold ceremonies, and pray for luck and happiness.
- Day 2: Organize charity activities, help homeless cases and the poor.
- Day 3: In addition to listening to the sermon, perform the Buddha bathing ritual; Khmer people also organize water splashing as a way to welcome the new year in Thailand or Laos.

Traditional Tet Chaul Chnam Thmey in Cambodia
(Traditional Tet Chaul Chnam Thmey in Cambodia)

Chol Chnam Thmay Tet means celebrating the new year, with the hope that the new year will bring good luck. In addition, Chol Chnam Thmay Tet also means ending the period of drought and entering a period of abundant water to prepare for the next crop.

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3. Bom Chaul Chnam Water Festival (April 13 - April 15)

This is one of the biggest festivals of Chua Thap temple that guests traveling to Cambodia Customized Tours should not miss when giving them the opportunity to admire and immerse themselves in this traditional festival. Bom Chaul Chnam Festival, to celebrate a good harvest. During these days, Cambodians often splash water on each other to dispel bad luck and pray for a peaceful and happy new year.

Bom Chaul Chnam Water Festival in Cambodia
(Bom Chaul Chnam Water Festival in Cambodia)

On these days, Cambodian people bring fresh flowers and offerings to the pagoda, listen to sutra lectures, perform Buddha bathing rituals, put flower flags on stupas covered with sand, and pour them into the street,...

4. Meak Bochea Festival (March of the lunar calendar)

This is the most important festival of monks in Cambodia. On this day, monks across Cambodia will celebrate to mark the historic moment when Buddha preached to 1,250 monks at Rajagaha Valuwan Vihara. This also marks the beginning of all religious festivals in Cambodia.

Meak Bochea Festival in Cambodia
(Meak Bochea Festival in Cambodia)

On this day, Buddhists all gather in a procession at Dhammakaya, a temple in Khlong Luang, meditate and pray in the morning, then circle the central altar twice with incense, candles and flowers on Full moon night.

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5. Birthday of the King of Cambodia (May 13-15)

Cambodian King Norodom Sihamoni's birthday takes place on May 13-15. During these 3 days, Cambodians have a day off from work, they hang banners, billboards and dance to celebrate the king's birthday.

0Birthday of the King of Cambodia in Cambodia
(Birthday of the King of Cambodia in Cambodia)

The king simply celebrated his birthday by making offerings to monks and giving things to the poor in this country. Cambodia Private Tours tourists should go on these occasions to learn about the culture of the people here.

6. Preah Neanng Korl plowing festival (May 6)

This is one of the famous festivals, marking the good start of the rice growing season in Cambodia. Khmer people believe that the ceremony can bring a good harvest and avoid drought and floods.

Preah Neanng Korl plowing festival in Cambodia
(Preah Neanng Korl plowing festival in Cambodia)

This festival was previously initiated by the Khmer king and since then it has been included in the list of major festivals in Cambodia and held annually. Representatives of the King of Cambodia will begin the ceremony by conducting a plowing ceremony with the royal ox, marking the beginning of a bountiful harvest.

7. Cambodia National Day (November 9)

This is the anniversary of Cambodia's independence after being colonized by the French. The independence monument located in the center of Phnom Penh was lit with the flame of victory in the presence of all Cambodian people. In addition, there are also a few cultural activities, parades on Norodom Avenue and fireworks in the evening.

Cambodia National Day in Cambodia
(Cambodia National Day in Cambodia)

On November 9, 1953, the Paris Agreement on peace in Indochina was signed, according to which France officially granted independence to Cambodia. This is an important holiday for Cambodians, an opportunity to express gratitude to those who sacrificed to win the country's independence.

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Above are the 7 most famous festivals in Cambodia, each festival has different interesting characteristics. Tourists should not miss the opportunity to visit Cambodia Customized Tours and further explore the diverse culture here through these festivals.

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