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6 Must-Visit Modern Art Galleries In Vietnam

Considered as a fascinating creative land for artists, Vietnam is home to a wide range of art exhibitions that support enthusiastically to contemporary art.  If you want to discover such things, you may join a Vietnam private tour and pay a visit to Top 6 art galleries are highly recommended below.


Vietnam Galleries


1.    DOCLAB

A unique contemporary art gallery in Hanoi like DOCLAB deserves your visiting when you have Vietnam family holiday. Focusing mostly on historical art and documents, this place is more of a laboratory. Since 2009, DOCLAB has recently organized many exhibitions as a way to introduce traditional values. This gallery also supports enthusiastically educational activities like offering workshops, courses or throwing seminar to students. In addition, visitors can observe the processing of film- making by their own eyes. How wonderful, isn’t it?


DOCLAB Gallery, Vietnam


2.    Institut Français de Hanoï

The main purpose of the Institut Français de Hanoï is boosting multi-culture exchange through chat rooms, debates, movies, performances and exhibitions. Therefore, the 5- storey building is covered by foreign documents and articles. You can look for anything related to Vietnamese as well as other culture. This place also consists of landscape photography, discussions on architecture, and jazz cabaret nights.


Institut Français de Hanoï


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3.    Nha San Studio

In 1998, Nha San was established to mark the milestones of the Vietnam War under such difficulties and emotional support to artists. In fact, this studio was not only one of the longest- lasting non-profit art spaces in Vietnam but also nurtured several generations of the most imaginative and daring contemporary artists in the country. Nha San Studio is home to many lectures, workshops, sound, video, installation and performance art. Therefore, tourists can explore all these materials to have sophisticated knowledge about Vietnam. Besides that, such a place offers local artists many opportunities for an exchange abroad.


Nha San Studio, Vietnam


4.    Art House

Unlike other galleries on this list, Art House is far away from two bustling metropolises. Located in Hoi An city, this art space focused on educating young talent and create a cosy atmosphere to display masterpieces. Since 2004, Vu Trong Anh and his colleagues decided to establish Art House as a place to introduce the contemporary visual arts to both locals and tourists. Yet, this art galleries has developed step by step to become the revenue of art lovers. Travellers having Vietnam customized tour can come to this art gallery after spending a busy day on exploring Hoi An Ancient Town.


Art House, Vietnam


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5.    Zero Station

Zero Station is a complex including exhibition space and residency program. The main purpose of this place is to enhance and sophisticate contemporary art and connect art to life. Despite its moderate size, Zero Station has a profound impact on the Sai Gon Art Scene. The gallery offers two ground-breaking programs: the Packed Program for non-locals who wish to visit Ho Chi Minh City, and the Intensive Program that offers the opportunity to work with a local artist on a project. Besides that, Zero Station also organize a large number of community-oriented projects like THE IN/VISIBLE STơATION (for contemporary art creators) or Saigon Unfold Project (stories about Ho Chi Minh city). Through these remarkable activities, the gallery has become one of the most exciting places in the city.


Zero Station, Vietnam


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6.    Dia/Projects

Dia Projects was founded in 2010 as a branch of art research projects. Since then, the team at Dia Projects has done a remarkable job in conceiving and organizing the exhibitions and events that have contributed to the vibrancy of the Vietnamese art scene. Dia Gallery provides the space for artists to research, discuss, practice art, interact and create new projects. In addition, with almost 3,000 books on various aspects, from art theory to Asian history, Dia/Projects is the ideal destination in your Vietnam vacation, which make you astonished about Vietnam’s art culture.


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