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Vietnamese Water Puppetry from A to Z

Water puppetry is a unique form of Vietnamese art, which has existed for more than 1000 years. We don’t know whether water puppets appear in other countries or whether they remain only in Vietnam, but we do know that they continue to spread and to gain intimacy with their audiences. In many travel guide to Vietnam, people said that “Not watching a performance of water puppetry means not traveling to Vietnam yet.” Most visitors to Vietnam should try to watch a show of water puppetry at least once. If you want to see water puppets in the true environment, you must watch them in the cradle where they began – in the open air of a village in Vietnam’s northern Red River Delta.

fairy dance water puppetsThe fairy dance 

Hanoi or Saigon - which of Vietnam's big cities is best for travellers?

A traveller’s guide to making decisions between Vietnam’s two main cities - Hanoi and Saigon aka Ho Chi Minh City.

If you're travelling to Vietnam, you may be trying to work out how to spend your time in the country's major cities - Hanoi, the capital in the north, and Saigon, the commercial centre in the south. We've run a comparison between the two cities to help you make your choices. We’re into historic, tasty, photogenic places, with lots of local character - so these are the things that form the basis for our recommendations.

street vendor vietnam travel

On Location: Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts on Filming ‘Kong: Skull Island’ in Vietnam

Finding the perfect place to shoot a major motion picture is an early issue any studio must face. Will they film in a studio? Will the jungle be computer-generated? The decision sets the aesthetic for a film and can often make or break a production.For Jordan Vogt-Roberts, director of “Kong: Skull Island,” it was not a matter to be taken lightly. “I made the decision very early on that I wanted 'Skull Island' to be as real as possible,” he told Travel + Leisure. “I wanted it to feel like a tactile, tangible place.”

kong_skull_island_halong_bay_vietnam_travelKong skull island in Vietnam

9 attractions which prove that Laos is a "must-see" destination

Laos is probably the most obscure place on the tourist map of Southeast Asia, often overshadowed by its neighboring countries. Being isolated from the rest of the world for years, just a few people put Laos in the travel list. However, Laos is surprisingly gorgeous with its untouched beauty. Check out the list of 9 beautiful places that will change your mind and make you want to pack your luggage and travel to Laos right away

Vang Vieng Laos tours

Top 10 things to experience in your Myanmar travel

Whether you chose to call it Burma or Myanmar, this South-East Asian gem is truly an extraordinary country – its people, landscapes and culture are all unique. Travelers who visit Myanmar are welcomed by gentle, smiling people and some of the world’s most impressive monuments. Myanmar has secured its place as one of the world's 'must-see' destinations. There are few experiences you’ll only find in Myanmar.  

Little monks Myanmar tours


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