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How to spend 12 days in Vietnam

Vietnam is a promising destination for any traveler or any travel style because of its natural beauty, safety, friendliness and amazing cuisine. However, to plan a perfect itinerary for your Vietnam Customized Tour which includes all highlights of the country can be quite difficult. After some research, you may feel a bit confused of the right amount of time should be spent in Vietnam. Why not take a look at our little tips of planning a 12-day Vietnam Private Tour, which is the most reasonable time to have a good feeling of Vietnam.

Vietnam can be divided into three regions: the North, the Centre and the South. Spending 4 days for each region will take you through the most interesting places across the country

Vietnam 12 day tour Vietnam Customized Tour

Top 10 Vietnam Tours

Vietnam attracts tourist by the unique culture, exquisite food and spectacular landscapes, not to mention the reasonable expense and the diversity in tourism service. These are just few reasons why millions of traveler make a Vietnam Holidays as one of the best things to experience. No matter what kind of experience you are looking for when traveling to Vietnam, there are endless types of Vietnam Tours that can match every travel style and preferences. Below is the top 10 most typical Vietnam tours:

Top 10 Vietnam Tours Vietnam Customized Holidays

The 9 easy steps to plan your Vietnam trip

Vietnam is becoming more popular worldwide as one of the best destinations to explore in South East Asia. Traveling to Vietnam as individual, couple, family or with friend are all fine as the country can offer many spectacular sights and numerous things to do and see that match any kind of expectation. A good preparation is a key to have a safe, pleasant and unforgettable trip to this amazing country though it will take lots of your time. You may need to prepare for your Vietnam Tour by considering of the best time to go, how long should you go or whether to go with an organized trip or do it by yourself? If you have come this stage of preparing, simply read our 9 easy steps below for planning your Vietnam trip, and of course it will be your dream vacation:

Vietnam Customized Holidays

The 10 reasons why you should travel to Vietnam?

Why Vietnam? Will it be worthy to travel to Vietnam for my precious holidays? Will it be safe yet fun and memorable? Those can be common questions when it is time you think of a vacation and put Vietnam in a comparison with other destinations such as Thailand, Cambodia, Laos or Myanmar. In fact, Vietnam has something to offer to every tourists, no matter what experience you are expecting. From the wonderful natural landscape, fascinating culture, delicious food to friendly and hospitable locals, a Vietnam Tour can make your dream trip come true. Let’s get ahead of the big crowd and travel to Vietnam, we list here 10 reasons why you should put Vietnam in your bucket list

Travel to Vietnam Vietnam Customized Holidays

Top street drinks in Hanoi

Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam, the second most populous city in the country with approximately 6.5 million people. As being the city of a millennium, the culture and history of Vietnam is clearly on display in Hanoi. This makes Hanoi a must-see on any Vietnam Customized Holidays. Despite the recent changes and development, Hanoi has still retained its own traditional identity and timeless grace. Hanoi attracts travelers by the vibrant street life, local structure and French architecture combine to form a unique blend of old and new, and not to mention the wonderful street food and drink. Hanoi street food has gained its own reputation and been listed on many Vietnam Tours, but how about the street drink in Hanoi? The list below will give some insight of the best street drinks in Hanoi that you may want to try during your trip in Vietnam

Street Drink Hanoi Vietnam Customized Holidays


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