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How to spend 3 weeks in Vietnam

In the recent years, Vietnam gets more and more popular as a magical destination for having the trip of a lifetime. People who travel to Vietnam simply love the country with its breathtaking landscapes, friendly locals and unique blend of old tradition and modern pulse. Have you ever thought of travelling extensively in Vietnam in 3 weeks? Which highlights and experience await you when spending 3 weeks in Vietnam? Let us show you how a 3 week customized tour in Vietnam would be like: 

Halong Bay Vietnam

How to spend 3 weeks in Vietnam

Bangkok street food - Top dishes (1)

There are many things you can expect from a Thailand private tour when Bangkok is included in the itinerary. Best street eats are, no doubt, on top of amazing experiences you can gain from your travel to Bangkok. Although it is widely said that you can easy find street food everywhere in Bangkok, picking what to eat is not an easy choice. That is why we – Nadova Tours has selected below 5 top dishes for you to try when travelling to Bangkok. Check them out!

Street food in Thailand

Street food is a must do in Thailand, especially in Bangkok

How to spend two weeks in Vietnam

Vietnam is the perfect destination if you are searching for a trip of your lifetime. There are many beautiful things to see and do in the country that can keep your travel schedule busy for a month. However, two weeks is the right amount of time to have great impressions of the private tours to Vietnam for most travelers. If you are looking for a suitable 2 week travel itinerary in Vietnam, our suggested itinerary today might be helpful for you to have good insight of the unique history, culture and lifestyle in Vietnam. 

Vietnam customized tour

How to spend 2 weeks in Vietnam

How to spend 1 week in Vietnam for first-time travelers

Vietnam has become so well known all over the world as a perfect destination to have the holidays of a lifetime. It is the land of thousand year history and diverse culture, stunning natural landscapes and mouthwatering food. In fact, one week is definitely not enough to enjoy all the best places and things that Vietnam has to offer. However, finding time to have a longer Vietnam private tours with the busy working schedule today can be an obstacle for some people. In this article, we would like to provide a guide to arrange a travel itinerary to have the best of Vietnam in 7 days, especially for first-time travelers to the country. 

Halong Bay

How to spend 1 week in Vietnam for first-time travelers

How is Christmas in Vietnam different from other countries?

Santa Claus is coming to town! 4 more days and you will have the chance to experience the Christmas atmosphere in Vietnam. If you are a Christian travelling to Vietnam on a customized tour, hold your expectations as there are still a number big events for you to participate in. Although not many locals there are Christians, the Christmas day is still celebrated with many special rituals that are, somehow, different from other countries. Check them out below!


Christmas in Vietnam (Photo credits:


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